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Below are some of the great stories and experiences of clients that we looked after and were happy with the care we gave them, some here at Skin4U others using the DMK home prescriptive products. As you know skin care is our priority and we thrive on making a difference in our Adelaide clinic to people's lives. Just as the DMK promise says "Rebuilding Skin, Rebuilding Lives".


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Janet's Story

 While on walk-about Janet discovered something special here in Australia. New skin, with a little help from Val and DMK! 


I'm the one with good skin

I first saw Val back in 2008 for regular facials to clear my acne and bad skin that I had been struggling with through my teenage years. I’ve been using the DMK products ever since and I’ve never looked back! Finally I’m the one with the good skin!


Brighter and Tighter

Since having DMK Treatments and following through with their products, my skin is now brighter and tighter. People notice and comment. Thanks DMK and the team @ Skin4U Glenelg Adelaide.



Back To Not Wearing Makeup During The Week

I am very pleased to have discovered DMK. I have always had good skin until recently when I had broken out in very painful acne. My sister recommended I try DMK and so I made my way to Skin4U. My skin has now completely cleared up and feels really clean and healthy. It hasn't been the easiest process (I am impatient) but over time and by using the products at home as well as regular treatments I am back to not wearing make up during the week. 


I look 10 years younger

I am loving the results from my enzyme tharapy treatment, the reactions I am getting have been very satisfying.  People keep saying “you look so well, have you been on holidays?” but they can’t quite put their finger on what is different.  The difference is i look 10 years younger!!  Thanks to Val who was very professional and attended to my every need.  I would highly recommend this treatment, without a doubt worth it!


A Blokes Story

Describing himself as just a “typical Aussie bloke”, father of two, Mick, has never looked after his skin. With past trends telling us that that’s not what typical Aussie blokes do, we can’t really blame him! Until now that is. Approaching his 40’s with a wife 8 years his junior who he says is “beautiful and really takes care of herself”, Mick felt it was his turn to step up to the plate.

Aware of his dry skin and uneven complexion, Mick wanted something that offered real results with ease, as his current regime consisted of splashing water on his face and shaving. “It’s a totally different universe for me to lie back and have a face mask.” says Mick. After his very first treatment, Mick noticed that his skin was “smoother and the overall complexion was much nicer,” adding that post-treatment he felt “super refreshed”.

With results from the treatments appearing straight away, squeezing in the home care was going to be his biggest hurdle between a high pressure job and raising a young family. To his surprise, “The steps were easy. I got onboard with it straight away.” says Mick. With a little bit of help from his daughter, he even managed to perform at-home weekly treatments. Playing “day spa” with his four year old was certainly an unexpected activity that Mick would look forward to, but, he adds that “she’s really enjoyed it and so have I.”


Val has helped me gain confidence in how I look and how I feel. When I was 15 I was put on a strong dose of steroids to help me gain weight due to a medical condition. This also affected my skin and made me break out with Acne on my face and back. With Val's treatment's and advice she talked me through the process of what she could do to help my condition. Within months due to the serverity I was able to see results. Val makes all her customers feel unique and important which made it very easy for me to trust Val's decisions regarding my skin. I have encouraged many friends to go and see Val and I still occasionally see her when I feel I need a treatment. Highly recommended.

Nick 23 Fulham Gardens

Love My Skin

Thank you DMK and Val @ SKIN4U I can truly say I Love My Skin!!!

Bev 60 Glenelg South

Acne Is On It's knees

I have suffered from cystic acne since I was 15. I tried everything to remedy it: pills, products and procedures. I nearly gave up when I turned 30 this year, I thought to myself 'it is always going to be this way'. Thankfully, I soon met Val at Skin4U Glenelg.

In an initial consultation, Val took a good look at my skin and immediatley identified the contributing factors to its condition: poor digestive health, stress, and genetics. After the initial cleanse and products samples, my skin was already looking better. Val advised the skin could be healed, and the acne could be tamed, however it would be a procedure; she would need time and patience, as well as a lot of at home care. I had tried everything else up until this point, and I refused to go on medication, so I gave it a shot. I knew I could trust Val, she has an impressive history of studying and working with the DMK products, and she is fiercely committed to providing the best outcomes for her clients.

The treatments were out of this world; from intense enzyme masks, to hot peels, and cold laser therapy, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before! After one early treatment, and a particularly rough day, I stepped into a hot shower and was shocked at how much my face burnt from the water. I got in touch with Val who swiftly took action to correct my oversight, by inviting me for a soothing, calming, hydration treatment which brought my scorched face back to good in no time. I was so grateful for Val's kindness and care in this time, and I was beginning to learn that my skin needed to be treated delicatley with precise attention. Despite not having acne herself, Val's dedication to providing positive solutions for skin conditions is second to none, she geninely aims to see the problem from the recepients point of view and provides tailor-made solutions aimed for their benefit.

After roughly 5 months, my face is healthy and clear, and I've never felt better. The acne is on its knees, which means it is under control, and I am able to maintain its condition at home, with less frequent visits for more intense treatments. It has been a journey but I'm so glad I took the time to see it through because the results are incredible. My skin glows and I barely need concealer. This is something I could never see myself having in the past -  radiant, gorgeous, smooth skin. I am so grateful to Val, for taking such excellent care of me while treating this long term issue I've had since I was a teenager. Their kindness, abundance of knowledge, and empathy has made this extensive experience a tranquil and one of ease, and I am deeply appreciative for the loving care I have received throughout the treatments.

Narelle Pignotti 30 SA



I've suffered with acne all my life. For years I was using the contraceptive pill to supress my acne but then made the decision to fix the problem at it's root. This is where DMK came in and has completely transformed my skin. I've gone from a grade 3 acne sufferer to having the odd break out here and there. Sure, my skin isn't perfect but DMK has helped to control my acne and allowed my skin to function better. It didn't happen overnight, it took over 12 months of having treatments and sticking to my home prescriptive regimes religiously as well as reviewing my diet and exercise regime to compliment my DMK treatment plan. Since gaining control over my acne, I now only have to maintain my skin and look forward to my DMK treatment with Val every 6-8 weeks as well as continuing with my home prescriptive regime. Val is passionate about DMK and has expert knowledge and skills in paramedical skin revision, it is these skills along with Val's genuinely caring nature that makes her one of the best non surgical skin revision experts in Adelaide.





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