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We believe that better skin leads to a better life. 
We believe in creating confidence. 
We believe a beautiful day starts with beautiful skin. 
We believe in being the best version of yourself and smiling at the reflection in the mirror. 
We believe in loving your skin, and that great skin lights up the world. 
We believe that everyone deserves great skin. 
We believe in giving you the skin you dream of and we believe in happy skin. 

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About Skin4u Skin Clinic

Skin4u is a DMK Award Winning clinic.

We have a holistic bespoke approach to skin care and work with each client individually to help achieve life changing results. 

Val Roche a DMK Paramedical Skin Therapist has an impressive history in the skin care and beauty industry spanning over 15 years and commenced with holistic treatments ranging from Remedial massage, Foot reflexology to Beauty therapy and Skin Revision  treatments. Along with those skills she also has gained a commercial cookery certificate that compliments the dietary and nutritional aspects of skin care. She is also a qualified Aromatherapist having studied with Karl Felton for 2 years, gaining her certification.  Val’s unique personal approach is "really listening to people and guiding them with the best of my ability whether that’s advice or treatment based on showing respect for their needs".

Skin4u was born when we realised an existing gap in the Beauty Industry for our clients seeking results for Skin Care issues using a combination of our knowledge of biology and the right products without turning to medication.

As a DMK award winning clinic and using DMK protocols and products for over 10 years we specialise in providing skin care solutions for skin disorders and conditions such as Acne, Pigmentation, Scarring, Wrinkles and Fine lines, Rosacea, Open pores and provide body treatments for Cellulite, Folliculitis and Stretch marks including much more.


Whilst we are famous for our Skin Revision treatments any skin will benefit form our DMK Enzyme Treatment.

This protocol gets the skin back on track and functioning properly resulting in a clearer glowing skin.

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Skin4U is a DMK Clinic. 

DMK's focus is on improving the long-term health of the skin, not on quick fixes. The skin's chemistry is an ecosystem and functions similarly to a factory, the product that that factory produces is what you see on the skin's surface. 

Read about DMK 'THE ONE' in our online book by clicking below