GLYCOSYLATION – The process of adding a sugar or sugar chain to a protein or fat, for example on a cell surface membrane. It starts with the carbohydrates we eat that are eventually broken down in the body into simple sugars or glucose, which can then take part in our energy producing metabolic processes. Excess carbohydrates not immediately used by the body are stored in the liver & muscles in the form of glycogen. If this Glycogen is not used it becomes stagnant and will change into a free radical called glycosyl which is not recognized as a nutrient by living cells including skin cells. The stagnant glycosyl grows micro organisms like sticky barnacles that glue the protein bonds that form healthy skin cells together preventing them from proliferating properly which in turn leads to the collapse of Collagen and Elastin fibers resulting in the condition of sagging skin. Furthermore the free radicles distract the attention of the skins defense system away from maintaining a healthy skin, resulting in deep cross wrinkles often seen prematurely on clients in their forties. These wrinkles can occur on the face, neck and the back of the hands

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