Choosing the RIGHT product for your skin

T H E E N B I O M E N T ™ M I C R O B I O M E S Y S T E M

Just like you want the right probiotics in your body, you also want the right ones on your face. DMK has developed a three-piece microbiome enhancing system to restore the skin’s natural healthy balance. The Enbioment™ Microbiome System has been designed to neutralise the skin’s pH level with rich anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic property ingredients like olive fruit oil, snow mushroom, green tea, vitamin E and vitamin C. The system consists of a cleanser, a mist and a serum and can be used by anyone to help maintain a healthy microbiome including those suffering from eczema, rosacea, rashes, minor acne and reactive or scaly dry skin. It can also be used by anyone on a long course of antibiotics. Results are best achieved when all three products are used together, both morning and night.

The Enbioment™ Cleanser has been developed with gentle surfactants to cleanse the skin without creating an imbalance of the existing skin microbiome. It contains a postbiotic Lactobacillus ferment and botanical extracts that are anti-inflammatory and enhance the skin’s natural defences.

Enbioment™ Mist has a prebiotic formulation that is designed to optimally prepare the skin for healthy microbiome development. It helps regulate the skin flora, calms the skin and reduces inflammatory factors that can trigger the growth of bad bacteria. Enbioment™ Mist provides the food necessary for the growth and development of healthy bacteria.

Completing the set is Enbioment™ Serum. This serum contains live bacterial spores designed to promote good bacteria while controlling opportunistic bacteria from overgrowth. The serum also encourages the biodiversity of the skin’s microflora, helps calm the skin and reduces any inflammation that may trigger the growth of bad bacteria.

DMK is a global paramedical skincare company sold in over 30 countries. Their focus has always been to create a simple, streamlined product line that works with the skin’s own healthy bacteria, while boosting the skin’s immune system, regardless of the user’s age, race or gender.

Skin4U Glenelg is an award-wining DMK clinic, we specialise in DMK treatments and sell all of the home care products. Book in and see us for your free initial skin consultation and love the skin you live in. 💚

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