Congratulations! Alex is now a Paramedical Therapist

Congratulations to our Skin4u team member Alex, who has just completed her DMK training which entitles her to practice as a paramedical therapist!

Alex has completed her comprehensive training into the DMK Concept. This training is on the functionality of skin, and the way in which DMK acts to restore balance to a range of skin conditions. It also contains an invaluable guide to products, techniques and terminology.

Alex is now on her way to becoming an experienced DMK Skin Technician.   

This course that Alex has completed is based on a natural healing approach using various modalities and botanical chemistry. By completing this course Alex has; > a comprehensive understanding of the DMK concept - Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain > understand the functionality of skin and the way in which DMK acts to restore balance to a range of skin conditions > have an excellent overview of DMK products, techniques and terminology

Whilst Alex is already experienced, we are so excited that Alex is now officially certified as a DMK Paramedical Therapist! If you would like to book in to see Alex for a treatment please call the clinic or click here.

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