Updated: Nov 22, 2020


Blueish toned dark circles are more common in fairer skin tones and are usually due to the skin and blood vessels running underneath not function optimally. Already the vessels around the eye are more prominent because the skin is thinner but when the blood becomes stagnant and the vessels swollen, this is when dark circles appear almost like bruises. Stress and lack of decent sleep can be the main factor in the prominence of the dark circles. Also, asa person ages the sebaceous fat layer that supports the skin begins too thin, that is why older people commonly suffer from dark circles and bags under the eyes. This is only one type of dark circles however, there are then dark circles that are a slightly darker than others.


People with darker skin tones are more prone to violet hued, brown pigmented dark circles that look a shade darker than their natural skin tone. This can be genetic or due to hyperpigmentation caused by irritation, inflammation and/or persistent rubbing of the eye area, or sun exposure. Again, due the fragile nature of the skin around the eye, melanin producing cells are much closer to the surface and react more quickly producing pigmentation when stimulated. Dark circles may seem impossible to get rid of but there are solutions for revising both types.


When wanting to cancel out the colour underneath the eyes, it is important to take the less is more approach.

The skin around the eyes has significantly less sebaceous glands compared to the rest of the face and this is why the skin can tend to look more crepey under the eyes. When too much product is applied the crepey appearance will be accentuated even more.

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