Fucoidan: The Special Ingredient for a Healthy Body

Now is more important than ever to empower people to look after their health! One of the best ways to reduce inflammation and promote optimal health, is to take Fucoidan: Mekabu seaweed extract. Fucoidan contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals that not only work internally, but also on the external functions of your skin and body.

Below is an outline of just some of the components and benefits that make fucoidan a superpower ingredient:

  • Magnesium: This mineral is critical in the contraction and relaxation of muscles, function of certain enzymes in the body, production and transport of energy, and the production of protein.

  • Iodine: For the strong metabolism of cells and the process of converting food into energy. It also maintains the balance of the thyroid gland and is needed to produce thyroid hormones.

  • Calcium: Mekabu seaweed easily allows for the absorption of calcium into the human body.

  • Iron: Essential to produce red blood cells and the prevention of anemia.

  • Vitamins A, C, E, K and D.

  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2).

  • Folate: Helps the body make new cells and is especially important for pregnant women.

  • Weight loss: Mekabu seaweed pigment, fucoxanthin, is known to improve insulin resistance and fucoxanthin burns fatty tissue.

  • Immune support: Mekabu contains high levels of unique phytonutrients including fucoidans and alginates which are produced to protect the sea vegetable from its harsh marine environment. Research has shown these powerful nutrients to be very beneficial to the human immune system as they can fight off pathogens as well as inhibit the growth and spread of unhealthy cells within the body. This allows for a strong immune system which is essential for the body to ward off common and more serious ailments, with less reactions from the skin.

  • Fights free radicals: It is well known that free radicals can lead to excessive inflammation within the body leading to premature ageing, joint issues as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and neurological conditions. Research has shown that Mekabu seaweed is able reduce free radicals within the body and double the oxygen radical absorption.

  • Biological activities: In June 2007, a ground-breaking study was published in the Journal of Experimental Hematology. The study showed that fucoidan stimulated the release of CD34+ stem cells from the bone marrow. These stem cells are precursors for the development of human immune cells, or white blood cells, and the building blocks of a functional immune defense system.

Fucoidan has a wide variety of biological activities, the most research properties are the following:

  • Anticoagulant and antithrombotic activity

  • Antivirus activity

  • Angiogenesis Inhibition

  • Immunomodulatory activity

  • Antioxidant activity

  • Anti-inflammatory activity

  • Gastric protection

  • Regulation of cholesterol levels

  • Suppression of blood-pressure elevation

  • Suppression of blood-sugar levels

  • Anti H. pylori bacterial infection

  • Improvement of liver function

  • Promotion of hair growth

Furthermore, Fucoidan has several age defying properties that inhibit age related enzymes collagenase and elastase, such as:

  • Increasing skin thickness and elasticity.

  • Inhibiting inflammation.

  • Lightening skin pigmentation through the inhibition of the enzyme tyrosinase.

  • Increasing dermal (skin) fibroblast numbers.

  • Enzyme-inhibitory activity at very low concentrations, particularly in combating glycation, which is the process of elastin and collagen degradation commonly associated with a loss of skin elasticity and the physical signs of aging.

If you want to a healthy glow from the inside out, DMK EFA Ultra and its high concentration of fucoidan that can aid optimal health.

* Gluten free

* For the best results take 2 EFA Ultra in the morning, and 2 at night before bed.

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