How DMK Muscle Banding REALLY WORKS!

There are many enzyme and coenzyme (vitamin) activities in the skin that regulate its normal functions. For example, the enzyme collagenase helps to regulate the synthesis of collagen fibers. If collagenase is destroyed by invasion of an aggressive treatment--such as the acne drug Actutane, collagen fibers rush rapidly to any site of trauma to the skin such as during laser resurfacing or acid peels. The result may be a keloid or hypertrophic scar. This is one of the reasons the conventional phenol acid or trichloracetic acid peels resulted in the patient’s skin looking plastic or waxy. The NORMAL proliferation of collagen fibers was accelerated and rushed to the surface in an effort to participate in repair and remodeling of the skin far too quickly. Because they do not operate on a pH factor like acids, there are many enzymes that can be applied topically to the skin that will only remove the build up of dead skin cells often misdiagnosed as “dry skin”. This not only relieves wrinkles, but can release gases, impurities and other effluvia from the skin as well. This type of treatment can actually result in a fundamentally younger and tighter skin. It is not a case of “how many enzymes are used in formulation” to accomplish this, but the stimulation of enzyme activity in the skin itself. If the correct formulations of enzymes are applied to the skin, hydrolysis of the dead cells and the impurities burdening the living cells begins in about twenty minutes.


We have found that enzymes are categorized into several groups. Some dissolve dead protein, others digest starches and excess glucose. Still others help to break up solidified oils in the shunts or openings of the skin. A special enzyme, transferase, can send messages across cell membranes. This is called “Transcription.” In this process, a strand of messenger RNA is synthesized according to the base code of DNA. Then the enzyme RNA polymerase binds to one of the DNA molecules in the double helix. This particular RNA moves along the DNA strand reading the nucleotides one by one, rather like templates on a PC. The enzyme selects complementary bases from available nucleotides and positions them in a messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule according to the principle of complimentary base pairing. The mRNA molecule then carries the genetic message to the cytoplasm for protein synthesis. This is vital information for all skin cells as well in an effort to keep them alive longer and healthier--while removing the burden of the dead cuticle.


Researchers discovered over fifty years ago that the best base to store inert, yet still living enzymes was in a ALBUMIN base. Albumin is from the inside membrane of eggshells and makes an ideal storage place for live enzymes that activate once exposed to aqueous fluids, air and body heat. This process takes about 45 to 60 minutes. Lysozyme and Amylase may be added to formulations. Amylase initiates the hydrolysis of glycoside linkages--part of the so-called “cellular glue” that helps bind dead cells to the underlying living cell stratum. The starch eating enzyme, Agrozyme is also part of an effective formulation as well as Grozyme, Rapidase and Superclastase. Ironically these enzymes are used for the treatment of sewage and human waste products. These are especially vital in the treatment of acne skin conditions. This type of formulation really IS #1 if your client’s skin looks like #2! Lipase is another “message carrying” enzyme that deals with lipids and fats in the skin and in addition to the abovementioned enzymes we can add the following components. » Aspartic Acid, a roborant, strengthens the tissues » Lysine, an Amino Acid, improves protein quality in tissue. Also one of the three amino acids necessary to collagen production » Proline and Glycine, the other two amino acids, are used in collagen production (once energized into action by vitamin C.) Glycine is also anti-puritic (anti itch) which is of great benefit to eczema type skin conditions. » Lecithin; rich in linoleic acid » Copper Gluconate promotes healing and phyto synthesis of any active plant extracts used in formulation.

Other enzymes treatments bring about a ‘plasmatic action” in the skin by dilating all of the peripheral capillaries. This brings about improved oxygen uptake from INSIDE the lungs, depositing the correct amount of oxygen into the mitochondria, which is necessary for the production of sufficient ATP for age management results. We can literally see this effect on the skin of the neck, face and decollate following an enzyme treatment. There is very little, if any, superficial erythema, but the capillaries stand out like a road map--proving the effects of the enzymes treatment goes deep enough for total dilation of the peripheral capillaries. This is true oxygen therapy as opposed to the dangers or lack of positive results from applying oxygen cremes (merely peroxide) or spraying the skin with compressed oxygen.


The fragile, underlying facial muscles can be pumped up to a stronger level like any other muscle in the body with regular exercise. However, facial exercises are tedious and take a daily and religious application to achieve and maintain results. Most people will simply not take the necessary time each day. Electrical stimulation with the so-called face-lift machines offers only about a 20% result in muscle stimulation. Research of this modality has shown that treatment every day using certain and specific micro-current results in the 20% muscle increase but has to be maintained on a daily basis. However, recently I have discovered that certain wave lengths of MICROCURRENT on PICO format can kick-start the facial muscles—sort of a “wake up” stimulation that sets up the muscle for the more tissue building effects of the enzyme muscle building treatments. VOLUNTARY contraction of facial muscles using enzyme treatments has a much more natural and lasting effect inasmuch as the muscles themselves are moving on their own accord against resistance. This is also known as isometric exercise. In a voluntary reaction of a muscle there is an asynchronous firing of motor neurons in a smooth contraction. The more neurons that are involved, the further increase of muscle fibers are achieved. Applying strong enzyme “bands” to the skin from motor control point to motor control point to accomplish the muscle building action will tighten and lift incredible, maintainable reuslts Most facial, neck and decollate muscles are lateral, horizontal or vertical. These can be worked with predicable results. The oris occuli and oris obicularis (muscles of the mouth and eyes) however, cannot be treated in this manner inasmuch as they are round and unpredictable as to the direction they may contract. Muscle banding is not a comfortable treatment. The patient is in a pulsing contraction for 45 minutes. It is advisable to slightly elevate the back of the neck with a round pillow to allow maximum neck and platysma coverage-keeping clear of the thorax area if the clients has or exhibits signs of over active thyroid. Soft music and reflexology treatments, Body Sculpting or other soothing body treatments can be performed at the same time to minimize the slight discomfort. Usually when the client views the “lifted” tissue results after the treatment. They forget all about any discomfort experienced!

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