Imogen's Skin4U Skin Journey

Updated: Mar 16

Imogen was the lucky winner of our 'Clear Skin Competition'. Skin4U wanted to give the gift of helping someone with severe acne a treatment program to show how effective our treatments are! Read Imogen's story below:

Upon winning the clear skin competition with SKIN4U, I was so excited to start but also only had the expectation for an improvement of my skin condition rather than stopping the acne completely. Over the course of 5+ years, I’d experienced painful cystic acne that had affected my self-confidence significantly. After such a long period of painful acne, I’d given up hope on fixing both the health and texture of my skin.

To look at my skin now and see no blemishes after only 8 treatments feels like a miracle!

Throughout the first few weeks, my skin took some time adjusting to DMK treatments and products. Having cystic acne, my skin was often sore to the touch; to bring new products into the mix at home involved some very mild tingling sensations in the first week. During the second week, I had experienced some pretty bad breakouts. After my first appointment, I was aware that breakouts would happen (as all the 'stuff' comes out!). For a few days when my skin started to breakout, it felt as if I was returning to a time when my skin was at its worst - red, sore and impossible to hide.

However, I persevered with my home prescription program. Once my skin had become accustomed with the ingredients of DMK, there was no turning back!

Within a few days, the breakouts had calmed down and for the first time in years, I could feel no cystic acne hiding under the surface of my skin.

For so long my skin always had a bumpy, risen texture and now it was quite smooth. Although I’d had a lot of red spotting on the surface, I knew these at home treatments were targeting something different to what I’d anticipated.

I could feel that these treatments weren’t merely targeting the surface but

healing the underlying systems bringing back balance internally to my skin.

With the help of Skin4U’s treatment program using targeted exfoliations

followed by enzyme therapy I’d noticed a huge difference in my skin texture

and health.

It felt unbelievable that my skin could have changed in such a short amount of time, after having cystic acne for over 5 years.

I’d felt a level of self-confidence I hadn’t experienced in a long time, and noticed a huge change to my presentation. My in clinic treatments were such a wonderful experience, too. The team at SKIN4U treated me with such poise and care, all of my treatments were calming experiences centred around my comfort.

I have seen such a drastic change in the condition of my skin. Within the first week, all of my underlying acne started rising to the surface. With the help of Skin4U’s targeted treatment program the cystic acne sitting under layers of skin started to come to the surface and was extracted. Once the Inflammation was reduced through DMK treatments and home prescriptives, enzyme treatments and at home skincare routines, I was shocked at how much of a difference there was. For the first time in half a decade, I didn’t have any new blemishes.

It was at this point I went through the process of the DMK remodelling procedure peel, in which my acne scarring and remaining bumpy texture were targeted. In anticipation of the remodelling procedure, I altered my skincare routine and EFA (essential fatty acid) intake. By increasing my EFA intake, I was able to increase the water balance within the skin in preparation. My initial skincare routine would remain the same in the mornings - that being Acu Cleanse, Acu Klear, Moist, Mist and the Beta Gel. The main difference would be in the evenings, with the introduction and nightly alteration of Superbright and Revitoson.

Skin4U does an amazing job of determining what your individual skin needs and prescribing the exact right treatments to target that!

Immediately after the RP procedure, my skin felt so much smoother and softer. All of the deep textural bumps from my cystic acne had evened out, and a large portion of my remaining red scarring and pigmentation had essentially shed off. Although I still have a few red spots remaining, I plan to continue with Skin4U following the competition to finish my healing process and target the remaining mild redness.

I plan to continue with most of the products that I used at home as part of my skin journey. I’ve found that for me, most of the DMK Home Prescriptives work well in conjunction with each other. Each DMK home prescriptive helps individualised issues – whether that be redness, blemishes, aging or general skin health. What’s great about DMK is that they have a wide range of treatment for every relevant skin condition. There are some products that I used throughout the process of my journey that targeted select issues – such as ‘Contraderm’, which helped my skin recover from my remodelling procedure, that I won’t use in my daily routine. Now that I’m no longer experiencing severe acne and focusing on both my skin health and scarring, I will continue on my journey with DMK using different home presciptives than I did at the beginning. Through the guidance of the team at SKIN4U, I can’t wait to continue with my home prescriptions and in clinic treatments as I continue to reduce my redness and scarring.

I would absolutely recommend SKIN4U to anyone wanting to fix their skin condition. The team at SKIN4U have undergone years of extensive training, and have specialist knowledge on not only surface level skin health, but a holistic understanding of gut health, skin condition causes, and relevant treatments.

Through their in depth knowledge which is obvious from your first consultation, the Skin4U team were able to identify another major factor of my acne: my gut and eating. Not only have I noticed a significant change in my physical complexion, but a major shift in my eating, my physical health, and my self-confidence. The team’s skill and care are combined in a relaxing environment which allowed me to target my skin condition with an air of confidence I’ve never had before.

Thank you Skin4U for giving me my confidence back!

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