Introducing HEALY @ Skin4U


Healy is a novel device to the Australian market that uses specific microcurrent frequencies to influence cellular functioning. Frequencies affect cell signalling that then influences DNA (Genes) epigenetically, and specific frequencies target specific genes which through research have been found to target specific areas for health and fighting disease. The gold cycle used here at Skin4U is based on 3 cycles Balance Being and Pure.

The balance will energetically balance the physical and Being the emotional functions while pure stimulates the excretory organs to support recovery from environmental causes of energetic imbalance.

At Skin4U we are always looking for ways to treat our clients holistically to bring back homeostasis (balance) to the whole body so that clients can feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

This device has been added to our treatment menu not only as an added benefit to skin treatments but also as a stand-alone treatment when clients would like to come in relax, feel better and heal themselves.

Come, try and feel for yourself.

To read more about HEALY click here.

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