We are all aware how important it is to look after the gut microbiome and how this can impact your wellbeing, so what about your skin?

Like your gut, the skin has its own unique, invisible ecosystem known as the skin microbiome or skin flora. The skin microbiome consists of millions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses and is thought to a play key role in enhancing the health of the skin. When the delicate balance is thrown off, it can sometimes lead to worsening of a number of conditions such as acne, ageing and eczema.

MAINTAINING THE MICROBIOME The skin is your body’s first line of defence against injury and pathogens. In fact, it is the skin’s microbiome that protects you, as when it's healthy, it helps your immune system by preventing and fighting off invasion. Unfortunately, your skin’s microbiome can be damaged by a variety of factors including harsh, dry soaps, incorrect or overuse of antibiotics, incorrect use of skincare products and other environmental factors. To keep your skin’s microbiome healthy, try these tips: » Avoid over washing with harsh cleansers. Harsh products BEAUTY and physical scrubs can strip the skin and lead to micro tears. Instead, try a microbiome friendly cleanser like DMK’s Enbioment™ Cleanser. » Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing your face with a towel. » Eat well and hydrate. Eating a diet rich in healthy fats, vegetables, protein and fibre can help your gut microbiome, which can in turn help your skin.

DMK’S ENBIOMENT™ RANGE If you are interested in introducing microbiome-friendly skincare to your routine, talk to your DMK Skin Technician about our Enbioment™ range. Our Enbioment™ probiotic skincare range is a three-piece system designed to restore the skin’s natural healthy balance. With ingredients such as olive fruit oil, snow mushroom, green tea, vitamin E and vitamin C, Enbioment™ has been specially formulated to support a healthy microbiome and neutralise the skin’s pH level to soothe irritations.

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