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Question: My melasma gets worse in the summer months. Why is that and how can I control it? Jada

Answer: Hi Jada, Melasma is a hormonally stimulated pigment that can be managed with good skin care and professional skin revision treatments. We also need to understand the triggers of it and do what we can to avoid those to maintain the best results. The biggest two triggers you are coming up against in the summer are UV rays and the HEAT! Both of these will start a cascade of events in your skin known as the melanogenesis process, which leads to your pigment becoming darker. A good quality SPF that is broad spectrum is necessary to help stop the UV rays. DMK has two options, the best one in the summer being DMK Soleil Defence SPF50+. It is designed to block the sun and not your pores and offers superior non-greasy broad protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Avoiding the heat is hard, especially when the fresh summer breeze is calling and we are craving time at the beach! We recommend keeping shaded as much as possible, big hats and big glasses are the best accessories to keep that pigment at bay. We also have some secret weapons. DMK’s Home Prescriptive products such as Super Bright, Melanotech Crème, Melanotech Drops and Herbal Pigment Oil are designed to not only brighten the skin but also address the core problem of inhibiting the production of melanin. Think of it like putting an umbrella over your cell that creates pigment, and while you’re at it you might want to pack that umbrella on your next beach trip.

Question: Hi DMK, I am out in the sun more during summer – what products do I need to prevent sun damage and pigmentation? Olly

Answer: Hi Olly, Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen. Sun damage doesn’t just occur when we get burnt. UVA rays have a longer wavelength and therefore penetrate deeper into the skin. It is this penetration that causes damage to the DNA of our bodies. This damage then leads to wrinkles, pigmentation, skin cancers, premature ageing and eye concerns. UVB on the other hand is responsible for the burning that happens to the skin as it has a shorter wavelength and affects the surface of the skin. How do we prevent this from happening? A broad spectrum sunscreen that offers both UVA and UVB protection, DMK Soleil Defence SPF50+ is the perfect way to go. DMK Soleil has a unique formula of chemical and physical ingredients that when applied 20 minutes before going out into the sun it envelopes the cells on the surface of the skin producing a ‘barrier’ against UVA and UVB penetration. The more we can support our skin during summer to help reduce the effects that the sun can have the better functioning our skin will be and look younger for longer. Team up your sunscreen with products such as Beta Gel to increase the immune response and first layer of defence within the skin. This means that if you happen to get sunburnt, the ingredients in Beta Gel, such as beta glucan, will assist in the healing and therefore decrease the chance of long term sun damage. Melanotech Drops and Melanotech Crème are your day time pigment defence system. Kojic acid, brown algae and mulberry inhibit the ability of pigment to be deposited into the skin, reducing the ability of pigment to change colour and block the enzymes that stimulate pigment production – it is a must have for age management and pigmentation prevention during summer. Just remember that prevention is always better than the cure.

Question: Hi DMK, What is transdermal delivery and why is it important for me to use Herb & Mineral Mist when I apply my oils and creams? Linda

Answer: Hi Linda, Transepidermal delivery is the slow release delivery into the voids of the skin where the ingredients are stored for up to eight hours. DMK Home Prescriptives work with the skin rather than merely acting on the surface. When we refer to DMK crèmes and oil being transepidermal we mean they penetrate store in the skin for hours without clogging pores. They allow the skin to naturally absorb what is needed. This ensures the active ingredients of our oils and crèmes are received at the cellular level and will result in maintaining long term results and optimal skin health.

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