Q&A with DMK

Q: Hi DMK, I have never used active skincare before. What can I expect when starting DMK? Lena

A: Hi Lena, When you first start using DMK, any tingling, dryness, tightness or even a few breakouts that may occur is all normal. DMK has a transepidermal delivery, which means our products go into the skin and do not just sit on the surface like a cosmetic brand. The tingling sensation you may experience can be from the skin’s barrier being impaired. It just means the ingredients are going into the epidermis a lot quicker and faster, waking up the cells. Over time, using DMK will strengthen and repair the skin’s barrier and this sensation will die off. If you do experience any dryness or tightness, this can be from dead, old skin cells stuck on the surface. If you find this occurs, using an exfoliator three days after starting to use DMK will help to relieve the dryness. Persevering with this will ensure the best outcome. If you experience a few breakouts, this is due to old sebum, comedones and dirt trapped in the skin’s pores being pushed up and out; sometimes these things can be trapped deep down in the skin for some time. If you stick with it, DMK will clear out the pores to prevent these breakouts from reoccurring.

Q: Hi DMK, What is the plasmatic effect & how does it work? Gianna

A: Hi Gianna, When having a DMK Enzyme facial you may experience the Plasmatic Effect™. The Plasmatic Effect™ is the dilating of peripheral capillaries to bring fresh oxygen into the cells and mitochondria. It is like the skin cells battery recharging, encouraging fresh healthy glowing skin. The stronger the Plasmatic Effect™, the healthier your skin is! It does not hurt, nor does the skin experience any temperature change. Usually about 10-20 minutes after treatment the Plasmatic Effect™ will disappear entirely, leaving you glowing.

Q: Hi DMK, My skin is feeling extra dry in winter. What can I do? Mira

A: Hi Mira, During the cooler months, our skin can be exposed to extrinsic factors such as heating, hot showers and windburn that can lead to transepidermal water loss (TEWL). During the cooler months, our skin requires additional protection and we recommend that our clients use our range of barrier repair products to bring relief and restore our natural acid mantle. The DMK products we recommend include Solar Damage Gel, Hydroloc, Herbal Pigment Oil, Seba E and Herb & Mineral Mist. These products are formulated to lock moisture in and keep the skin soft, supple, and hydrated. At home, we recommend weekly exfoliation and the Hydrating Masque. You can also sleep with the Hydrating Masque on overnight.

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