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Thanks to my skin, over the last 30 years, I have cried tears that rival Niagara Falls. From the 12-year-old girl who came back from one set of school holidays to have a boy in class ask me if I’d had chickenpox in the holidays, such was the state of my face, through the unkind teenage years that brought me to study to be an aesthetician at 20 so I could help others with their skin concerns, to the hormonal roller-coaster of pregnancy and my 25 year battle with endometriosis that resulted in a hysterectomy at 40, I have deep empathy for anyone who knows what it is like to wake up and detest what they see staring back at themselves in the mirror, every single day.

My complexion is so fair that every mark that has ever been on it has left behind some sort of visible reminder of its invasion. It goes blotchy if the wind even thinks about changing direction, it would burn in the shade if I left it uncovered, and on top of that, it reacts to almost every skincare product that I have ever tried.

Make-up becomes your best friend, you learn all the tricks, but nothing can really hide the imperfections from the world, and nothing can take away the insecurity you feel when you walk around every single day thinking that everyone is staring at your hideous skin. Fears are realised any time you think for a moment that you might duck out of the house without your ‘mask’ on ‘a good skin day’, only to have a stranger ask what the redness in your face is from, or a colleague ask what ‘that rash on your neck’ is from, or a well-meaning family member comment that your skin is ‘playing up’ at the moment. All comments likely coming from a place of concern, but all accumulating to a life-long exhausting weight of living inside the atrocious skin you have spent every waking moment trying to escape from. It can be overwhelmingly consuming, isolating, and lonely.

So, when I was introduced to DMK, it is safe to say that with my open, ever-hopeful mind, I held great reservations. But I had seen some of the before and after photos of amazing success, which showed me that I would at the very least, be in safe hands without judgement, unlike the young beauty therapist with skin as clear as paper that I saw when I was 3 months pregnant, who told me she had never seen skin as bad as mine. She was no doubt right; my skin was full of hundreds of tiny hormonal pimples that covered my chest and back. Little did she know I’d had 2 miscarriages before, and had never made it to 12 weeks, so the fear of whether or not this little miracle would make it to full term was considerably greater than the fear I had from her seeing my revolting skin. I just needed kindness, and to feel like I wasn’t going to throw up.

My experience with DMK could not have been further from that depressing day. From the minute I walked into their space, I was made to feel at ease. We spoke about the DMK philosophy of working from the inside as well as the outside, that we were going to literally listen to my gut, this was my language.

It wasn’t just their reassuring words and gentle manner that gave me hope and reason to believe I was in the right place. The science behind each and every ingredient, in each and every product, is so incredibly in-depth. We set about working out a plan, unique to me, and they were not afraid of my volatile skin. They stood steadfast in their belief that they would have something in their arsenal to bring my best skin to reality. And so, we began.


Throughout the treatment, my therapist watched my skin closely as she applied each product. She knew what every product should feel like, what I should expect to feel, and how far to push. This place meant business. For the first time in my life, I started to think that just maybe, my skin had finally met its match. I went home after that first treatment with my specially prescribed range of products to treat my skin, as well as my Regul8 Digestive Tune-Upand Essential Fatty Acids to treat my gut health and reduce inflammation. We were attacking from the inside out and the outside in.

As the months have gone by, my ‘dream team’ have stood by me with their guns loaded. My skin is a formidable opponent, it is not going down without a fight; 30 years of wreaking havoc had it feeling like the boss. DMK is not daunted and has never faulted. They are the boss now, and there is no going back. They have created a step-by-step guide for me to follow at home in between treatments to maximise results. Each treatment is different, with the sole focus of improving my skin. Not even a global pandemic could rock this ship; I was sent specific treatments to use at home with clear instructions so that I could continue the hard work we had invested.

The texture of my skin is truly unrecognisable to me now. It has a smoothness and glow that I have never had, and finally, the redness that has haunted me my whole life is reducing. Even my 10-year-old son has been noticing each morning that my skin is not as red as it used to be. Maybe Cate Blanchett’s porcelain perfection is within reach after all.

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