Losing sleep is actually a stressor on the body, triggering an increase in cortisol production levels and putting the body in a state of inflammation. Inflammation is one of the skin’s greatest enemies, destabilising its immune functions and causing reactive skin conditions like eczema and even aggravating acne.

One of the most noticeable side effects of lack of sleep are signs of ageing. As the inflammation breaks down collagen and elastin, the cleansing flushing of fluids and toxins from the body that occurs at night is cut short. This is why you literally wear a bad night’s sleep. The excess fluid, toxins, damaged collagen and elastin cells cause dark baggy circles, saggy dull skin, and fine lines. Beauty sleep is not a myth and it is not something to be snubbed.

Put down those devices, do some breathing exercises and try to get a full sleep tonight. It’s better than any beauty product!

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