What is Face Mapping?

✨ Face Mapping ✨⁠

Stemming from Traditional Chinese Medicine, face⁠

mapping or ‘mien shiang’ is a practise that dates⁠

back 3,000 years. In face mapping, it is believed that⁠

parts of the face are linked to different organs and⁠

when there is an imbalance, this will show up on the⁠

skin. For example, pimples, redness and dryness.⁠

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is what each facial area represents:⁠


The forehead is believed to be linked to the digestive system. If your acne shows up here, it could be due to your gut health and diet. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet.⁠


Breakouts on the temples can be related to kidney or bladder issues.⁠


The area between the eyebrows has been linked to the liver and detoxification issues.⁠

4. NOSE⁠

Skin issues such as redness and acne on the nose can be linked to blood pressure or the cardiovascular system.⁠

5. EYES⁠

Puffiness, eye bags and dark circles are linked to bodily⁠

fluids. Stress and a lack of water can also worsen symptoms.⁠


The cheeks are thought to represent the stomach, spleen and respiratory system. Redness may indicate stomach inflammation and breakouts could be linked to allergies or sinus issues.⁠

7. CHIN⁠

Acne on the chin and jawline corresponds with the hormonal and reproductive system. Breakouts here may also be related to your menstrual cycle and stress.⁠

Mien shiang is a practice that dates back 3,000 years! ⁠

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