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"Rosacea/Reactive Skin"

"Now I'm the one with good skin"

I first saw Val back in 2008 for regular facials to clear my acne and bad skin that I had been struggling with through my teenage years. I’ve been using the DMK products ever since and I’ve never looked back! Finally I’m the one with the good skin!


"Acne advanced condition" 

I've suffered with acne all my life. For years I was using the contraceptive pill to supress my acne but then made the decision to fix the problem at it's root. This is where DMK came in and has completely transformed my skin. I've gone from a grade 3 acne sufferer to having the odd break out here and there. Sure, my skin isn't perfect but DMK has helped to control my acne and allowed my skin to function better. It didn't happen overnight, it took over 12 months of having treatments and sticking to my home prescriptive regimes religiously as well as reviewing my diet and exercise regime to compliment my DMK treatment plan. Since gaining control over my acne, I now only have to maintain my skin and look forward to my DMK treatment with Val every 6-8 weeks as well as continuing with my home prescriptive regime. Val is passionate about DMK and has expert knowledge and skills in paramedical skin revision, it is these skills along with Val's genuinely caring nature that makes her one of the best non surgical skin revision experts in Adelaide.


"I couldn’t be happier with DMK and the service at skin4u.“

“I came to Val at skin4u looking for a solution for my skin condition, that was quite bad at the time, I had tried multiple topical products and prescriptives medicines to clear my skin but to no avail. I saw DMK as my last solution an after a full consult at skin4u, Val informed me of what was going on with my skin, she told me it was rosacea. We started treatments and I was put on full home prescriptives and it wasn’t long before i saw changes and felt the difference in my skin. I still see Val for DMK treatments and prescriptives every six weeks, to maintain the health of my skin. I couldn’t be happier with DMK and the service at skin4u. “


"Love My Skin"


Thank you DMK and Val @ SKIN4U I can truly say I Love My Skin!!!


"Back to not wearing makeup during the week"

I am very pleased to have discovered DMK. I have always had good skin until recently when I had broken out in very painful acne. My sister recommended I try DMK and so I made my way to Skin4U. My skin has now completely cleared up and feels

really clean and healthy. It hasn't been the easiest process (I am impatient) but over time and by using the products at home as well as regular treatments I am back to not wearing make up during the week.


"Brighter and Tighter"

Since having DMK Treatments and following through with their products, my skin is now brighter and tighter. People notice and comment. Thanks DMK and the team @ Skin4U Glenelg Adelaide.


"I look 10 years younger"

I am loving the results from my enzyme tharapy treatment, the reactions I am getting have been very satisfying.  People keep saying “you look so well, have you been on holidays?” but they can’t quite put their finger on what is different.  The difference is i look 10 years younger!!  Thanks to Val who was very professional and attended to my every need.  I would highly recommend this treatment, without a doubt worth it!


"My pigment has reduced greatly and my lines are softer"


“Wanting my skin to look more youthful I approached Val at skin4u on what treatment she could offer to get the results I was looking for, I had high expectations and wanted my results as fast as I could get them, my very words were “I’m in the 60s but I want to look 40” Val explained the concept of DMK and their revision programs, it was with this knowledge that I embarked on my skin journey at skin4u. After some initial treatments and full home prescriptives, Val persuaded me to do an advanced remodelling procedure for my skin concerns,

After the remodelling procedure was finished, my pigment has reduced greatly and my lines are softer, I continue to have DMK treatments and use their home prescriptives to maintain the results I have gotten.


"Extremely happy with the results.“

“Not having suffered with bad skin in my teenage years, I developed hormonal cystic acne in my early 20’s which affected my self-esteem, as I’m in the public eye with my work. After trying a variety of products and medications to help with this condition, and getting zero results, I started to research online for other options to help me with my skin.

I came across skin4U a DMK pure clinic in Glenelg SA.

After consultation with Val she explained the condition to me and put together a DMK treatment program to get my skin back into a healthy state.

These paramedical skin treatments address the root cause of the condition and don’t just work topically, they work to revise the skin and clear the acne.

I’ve been amazed by the results, i would highly recommended Val @ Skin4U for anyone who needs help with any skin condition they may have.

Whilst I’m extremely happy with the results so far, i will continue to have treatments at Skin4U to maintain a healthy glowing skin.”


"I cannot wait to start this new chapter"

“In 3 weeks time I start my DMK RP journey with Val @ Skin4U Glenelg and I am beyond excited! I have had hormonal acne for most of my teenage years and now into my mid twenties. For those who have experienced this know the insecurities and frustration of having skin inconsistencies. It can majorly effect your self esteem and your pocket when you’re always looking for something to really help! DMK is by far the best product and treatment methods I have ever used and my skin has a new glow about it. I couldn’t recommend it more and now I have found it, through a beautiful friends referral, I couldn’t imagine not using it! 

I cannot wait to start this new chapter and to see the amazing results I know will follow :) thank you Val & Danne!


"For the first time I feel something is working"

“I have hormonal acne on my face and back which has made me feel self conscious in my appearance. I have been using the DMK Prescriptives at home and having in salon treatments every 4 weeks with Val. Although I have a way to go for the first time I feel something is working and I'm really happy with the results so far. Looking forward to seeing the final outcome.